Secure Text Entry property not working

Hi everyone,
I am building an app that requires login with password. But, when I set the Secure Text entry property to true for password as shown,

the password is not hidden.
Screenshots of the output:
Original Screen:
Capture 1
Screen when I typed password:
Capture 2
Hope someone will help.
Thanking you,
Karthikeya K

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The SecureTextEntry only works in the Thunkable Live Test App. It does not work in the web test.

This is a long standing unresolved issue. I have accepted this is probably not going to be fixed anytime soon. [Solved] Hide password in Thunkable? - #21 by drted


Thank you. Does it work when you run the apk installed on the phone?

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Yes it does.

I created a workaround if you are interested,

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