Question about using the ListViewer component

Yesterday my app worked fine, now list viewers aren’t working. Did something change?

I have this problem since yesterday too
with list item click the app crash to white screen

Me too

Hi @Colby_Frechette,

Thanks for your question. Can you create a minimum working example and share it here so we can take a closer look?

Also, when you’re sending this can you also clarify whether this affects live testing or installing and if you are using anrdoid or iOS.


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It affects both as far as I can tell. I did live testing on iOS and downloaded it and tested it on BlueStacks, neither of which work. I made a minimum, non-working example. Here

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@domhnallohanlon I’ve done some more testing. It seems as though setting objects to visible is the source of the crashing, not the List Viewers.

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Thanks Colby - I’ve verified this on my end too and submitted a bug report.

As a work around for the moment, I’d recommend setting the height of the components you wish to hide to 0.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

I’ll follow up here when we get a fix for this.

Thanks! :smile:

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If can help this is the error on android live test

Sorry for this :frowning:

We are actively working on this problem and if all goes well should have a fix out sometime later today.



Thanks for your help identifying the issue, we’ve fixed the bug. You may need to open the blocks editor in your project and move a block so that the code refreshes properly.


I have made an app with a loading screen at the beginning and every time I launch it on thunkable X it crashes within 5 seconds.

This has only been a problem since the recent update.

Any fixes yet?

Hi @Leon_Cummins, welcome to the Thunkable community. :wave:

In the absence of any other details, I’m going to guess this is the issue that’s affecting your project?

Paul was able to identify the cause and ship a fix for this yesterday:

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You might also need to force quit and restart your Thunkable Live app for the changes to take effect.


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Awesome, I’m glad you guys were able to fix the problem. Just a shot in the dark, can I get a cool free Thunkable t-shirt or something for helping? @domhnallohanlon @Mark @paulmw

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@domhnallohanlon @Mark @paulmw The List Viewer problem is happening again. It still crashes the app sometimes. I will try further testing to see if I can find out what exactly causes it.

Thanks, @Colby_Frechette! If you can create a small example project that shows the problem, that would be ideal.


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