Anybody is facing a problem with thunkable x?

I do not know what happened to thunkable X
for the last three days some times my blocks do not work and some times they work without making any change

am i the only one who is facing this problem?

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Hi @abedo

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble using Thunkable. We’re using it here every day and haven’t noticed anything out-of-the-ordinary, but that’s not to say that there isn’t an issue with one of the components you are using.

To begin can you give us a few more specifics about the problem you are facing.

  1. Is this while live testing or when installing your app?
  2. Are you using Android/iOS/both?
  3. Is this affecting all of your projects or just one?
  4. When this first started, 3 days ago, had you made any significant changes to your project?


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Hi @domhnallohanlon
1- In both; live testing and after installing the .apk.
2- Android device.
3- i have only one app which i’m talking about, no other apps
4- I just change the orientation of the blocks, i mean they were sorted vertically, now vertically and horizontally.

Note: i made copy to try same problem

Thanks for replying

Does your blocks include list viewer? I have had trouble with list viewer just not working before but I have a solution

Interested to hear more about this problem and solution please!

Ok, maybe it was a component we updated on our end.

Can you upload a screenshot of your component tree please??

It is not a specific component, multips blocks: lists, functions, block during the starting.

i have doubt about something, i will check and inform