Working with lists. When item clicked nothing happens

When item is clicked nothing happens. This is a bug, i know for sure. It usually fixed itself when before I tested the app i came back to the screen with the list view causing the error and moved the block to cause a reload, and this usually fixed it (by the way after compiling for android and ios it is the same as live test).

But after adding other blocks to the screen, It appears I can no longer pick an item. The best way to describe it is like legos. Once I change/add something in the design or blocks part of the app, it stacks that block on top, and because the causing trouble with the list viewer opens first, it isn’t at the top and doesn’t know what to. It feels like that (it obliviously isn’t :P)

I would appreciate any help I can get with this. Not my first time experiencing this issue.

(edit) it works now by moving the block causing error just before I test what i created. This list is key to the app and I cannot change it. Should I report this on GitHub or anything? Thanks

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Hey Eoin, sorry to hear you are having trouble with this.

Just to clarify - is this issue only while live testing? Or installing? Or both??


both. I have a temporary solution that is just tedious. this is the second time now so I thought I would report it. only really happens with lots of blocks I think.

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Is the temporary solution the one you mentioned about moving blocks, or something different?

Just to make sure that I understand the issue correctly, you’re saying that this block isn’t doing what you expect it to do?


Exactly that block yes. It works the way I have the blocks laid out, here is what I have:

This does work fine, but if i go to say the chat screen of my app where users interact, this block acts as if it was never there, I don’t even get the visual feedback from clicking on a item in list (ie it gets darker/greyed out when touched down).

But if i go back to this screen and move that block around, which causes a reload, then it works. The other time this happened included lists using Making a Search Bar tutorial.


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Hey Eoin,
Can you preview here a screenshot of your list?

(Just to make sure that it’s correctly formatted according to above blocks)

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The list comes from firebase as a string, so I make text from delimiter [ , ]

Here is what them blocks look like:

(Now that i realised they both didn’t work when the list was from csv row in firebase :thinking:

Anyway here is the snip of the code: