Different behavior between iOS and Android - ListViewer

Normally to debug, I assemble and disassemble the various blocks and at the end I find the error.
But when a set of blocks works perfectly with one OS and the other doesn’t what should I do?
How do I figure out which block the other OS doesn’t like?
In this case is a very simply List View …


I think I know the problem, but tell me, what is the problem?

The anomaly is that when I select an item, Android goes to the screen set into “Navigate to” instead of iOS stay here, no crash … just stay here.
What’s even stranger is that iOS goes to any other screen of the app but not to the one I have set.
Android is ok.

Remove all blocks from the event block and leave only the navigation block to another screen. Does it work for iOS?

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… with all other screens yes iOS works … that Screen “Negozi_Dettaglio” not. Android yes


Check if the LV_Negozi item Click block is called when you click on a list item on iOS? Maybe it just doesn’t work? Also check if you have updated Live on your iOS device.

Can you provide a share link demonstrating this misbehavior? I don’t experience this with my iOS device.

I confirm that the click block works fine because when I click my label change value.

Today I recreated item click, I also recreate the destination screen but nothing … on my iOS just change the label value and then stay here …

PS. today does the live update has some problem? … the updates are very slow


Yesterday I noticed problems with the Thunkable x server. It worked impossibly slowly.

Unfortunately, I can’t watch private projects. For this reason, I can’t help you.

I switched my project in public, no problem if you can help me. The screen with issue is “Negozi” that point to “Negozio_Mappa”.


Ok, I’ll watch it.

I see a problem. .

I see the problem like this. For some reason, when the app is running on iOS, it crashes and when trying to display the Negozio_Mappa screen, a memory error occurs. For this reason, reinstalling the app and copying the screen does not fix the error.

Try creating a new screen and copying blocks and components from Negozio_Mappa to It, and then delete The negozio_mappa screen.

The same problem with the Info_Negozio screen.

My demo project had a similar problem when I couldn’t go from the list to any other screen on the main screen. But this problem was solved somehow by itself. I didn’t do anything (I didn’t do anything because, as you can see, transferring all the old screens to the new screens took me just a huge amount of time, which I didn’t want to spend at all.).

… today I recreated three times from scratch the screen … adding block a little at a time … at the beginning just with labels works and then adding others block crash. Also if I disassemble components the screen is now corrupt.
INCREDIBLE !!! the problem is that there is not work around for that ahhhhhhhhh

this is a bug related iOS sure … because the blocks I used are very simple and every time I create a blank screen it crash.

I can’t say for sure, but maybe the problem is related to the use of global app blocks. I have had many conversations with developers about this, but unfortunately, despite all their great efforts, I can’t change my opinion that blocks of global variables are unstable. For this reason, I have to continue using blocks from function variables as global ones, although the developers do not recommend doing this.

Can you explain me better what you mean by “For this reason, I have to continue using blocks from function variables as global ones” … the kind of variable you use?

I discovered the problem: when I insert a map, thanks to the location sensor, I point the map based on my location.
The problem lies in the fact that the default coordinates are those of San Francisco so every time the map opens, it first passes through San Francisco and then moves to my location.
So I canceled the settings and set BLANK.
Android works the same but iOS crashes.
You need to put ZERO and it works for both OS.
Once again incredible.


It is clear that I incorrectly assumed that the reason is global blocks.

OK, but you have discovered another problem that I wrote about a long time ago - the lack of reliable protection in Thunkable X against incorrect data values and incorrect data types. Using my bug tracker, I can see that this problem has not been solved yet.