Different behavior between iOS and Android - ListViewer

Good. Could you register this bug into your bug tracker?

Many thanks

I correctly understood that the error is when there is an empty string in Longitude and Latitude?

yes they cannot be blank for iOS but ZERO.
Android is ok with both zero and blank.

I can’t repeat this error on iOS 11. on iOS, the app stops working if the map isn’t initialized, but it works with empty lines.

for your info I’m testing on:

Samsung S9 Android --> G960FXXS9DTD7
iPhone 11 --> 13.5

I have this problem when testing on my ipad also. when the list viewer is blank it white screens and crashes the app. I saw this post about it not doing it on android so I tested on my android tablet. unfortunately it is giving me the white screen and crashing when the list viewer is blank also. Hopefully they fix it. This is something new cause my original published version does not do this. Only testing it.