Blank Screen on "Screen Stars/Opens" block

Hi everyone,
i’m experiencing a problem with screens:
Once I navigate through screens everything works good but, when i’m adding a block-event on screens starts or opens i have a complete crash on the Thunkable live test and it shows me a blank screen.

Here are my blocks:

Is this something I am doing wrong?
(all the variables contain values)

Little update, seems like that te problem is on the “from list_viewer - set text”.
Still have trouble with it…

Anyone can help?
Thank you very much in advance

I have a similar problem too

@maurizio.polverini89 Can you post a link to your project?


I’m experiencing the same problem but I think it’s not related to the list_viewer, but with the blocks of local DB and Local storage. at least for me the problem started with these two blocks in particular and just in one screen, the others design screens and blocks woks just fine.

waiting for a solution I hope

@maurizio.polverini89 Just went through your project. The problem is that a list view can’t show a list of list on mobile.

A simple example of the cause of the crash:

In your app, “app menu” contains the list “app ingredienti_presenti”. When the value of “app menu” is used by the list viewer (through local storage), it causes a crash.

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Hi paulmw and thank you for taking time trying to solve my problem.

I have now resetted the variable to be shown in the List_Viewer, now it cointains no longer a list of lists but just a text-JOIN of one text and a numeric value.

I am still experiencing the same old problem, it still crashes.
Here the relevant block:
where “Nome_Ricetta” is the name of the dish, and “somma” is the sum of the cost of every single ingredients (not done by listing).

Hope to solve this.
Thank you very much

@maurizio.polverini89 Have you declared app menu as a list (either during initialization of the variable or anywhere else?)

Yes, i did. I have initialized it as empty list.

And it always
Crashes when you add that value to a list, or after added to the list and when trying to save to local dB?

Can you try printing the value of each variable only to a label when you press the button. If that all works. But the code to add the joined text to a list. Then print that list to a label. If that works. Try to save it to the localDB.