Thunkable Android apk crashes on open but not on Live Test

Application works fine on iOS and at the Live Test on Android and iOS but the downloaded apk for Android crashes on open on Android 10. Message from os: application fail continually!
Appreciate any comments, thanks

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What does your first screen look like? Is there a webviewer?

Hi thanks for your comments.

We do not use webviewer. only simple buttons and BT connectivity.
the application does not starts on Android only on iOS.
Thanks again.

Unfortunately, no one can help you debug it with so little information. If you want help, post a link to the project or images of your blocks.


Hi, the project is quite huge but the problem can be replicated with a very small code which is easer to share. I found out the the problem is with the List_Viewer. Without this list it works fine.
I also saw comments from the Thunkable team the is you use the List_viewer inside a Navigator it resolves the problem.

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The List Viewer as its name suggests expects a list and you are trying to assign a text to it.

Initialize “DevName” as `empty list at first and everything should work fine.