Constant crashing
Can anyone check my project? It seems that the app crashes no matter in live test or in actual download

Your project is moving to a blank screen, so it seems that the project is not working.

No it literally crashes

Сrash on Android?

It’s fine now. Thanks!

But the list viewer in Record doesnt seem to be working

It crashed again


If you want to run Thunkable X projects on Android, then be prepared to run into problems. If you want to go on a flat road, then use Thunkable X only for iOS .

What exactly is the behavior that indicates to you that the list viewer isn’t working?

The first thing that I would start taking a look at are whether you are getting any errors from your call(s) to the 'infosheet' component or any other Spreadsheet components. One way to test test that is by adding an extra label and setting its Text to the value of the 'error' block. If, in fact you are getting errors than it’s also possible that those errors are causing your crashes.