Change blocks on one screen and another screen errors

I have a screen that has a list and works great until I make a change to a different screen. I added an alert to a different screen and my screen with the list does not index correctly, always the last item is undefined.
How can this be???

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same problem here with lottie animation blocks

This is so frustrating. I have subscribed for a month. I have had this app live for a year on the stores and now I need to make a couple of simple color changes and it destroys a listview page that has no relationship to the one I am changing the color of a field on. GRRRRR!!!. Thunkable please respond to this and help. A listview page that works in COPY A, I make a copy of COPY A and change a color of a couple of fields and change them from editable to non editable. Download to NOX or Phone and the listview now doesn’t index correctly.