🎉 A Thunkable ✕ release worth "waiting" for 2019-04-10



:raised_hands: Thank You

Just a quick “thank you” to all our wonderful community members and creators who inspire us every day to make Thunkable better than it was yesterday. Here’s what’s new in Thunkable this week:

:bookmark: Release Notes

Take a look at our release notes for a more detailed description of everything that’s included in this release.

:robot: Thunkable Live for Android

Make sure you’ve upgraded to v. 67 of the Live testing app, head over to the Play Store to get up-to-date.

:apple: Thunkable Live for iOS

Download/update Thunkable Live for iOS in the App Store If Loading Icon doesn’t work try force closing and reopening our app to fully receive the update.

:rocket: Loading Icon

We have quite a few new components planned for the coming months, and the Loading Icon paves the way for a few of them. The current icon comes in two different sizes and 16,777,216 different colours!

:bug: Visible Property

We fixed a bug that caused apps to crash when the Visible property of a component was changed

:sleeping: Tab Navigator

Late last year we launched the top tab navigator and bottom tab navigator components. These new components gave creators more options for structuring their apps compared to the simpler Tab Navigator and at the time we advised that the tab navigator should now longer be used. This release now hides the Tab Navigator so new users have just the Top and Bottom Tab Navigators to choose from

:rocket: Resizable Component Tree

The release also features a number of upgrades to the UI designer. The most subtle of these is the new ability to resize your component tree. Instead of being limited to 3 predefined sizes you now have more control over the left side of your screen.


:rocket: Linear Component Menu

To make it easier for all users - but especially new users - to find the components they’re looking for we’ve switched from a grid layout to a linear layout. The categories are still collapsible, so you can show/hide just the components you need.

:rocket: Searchable Component Menu

Finally, we’ve added a search bar which should make it even easier than ever to find the component you are looking for.

Using the Loading Icon in Thunkable ✕

Take a look at this simple colour changing tutorial to get started with the loading icon.


But it is really practic for 3 predefined size too. Maybe you can add again with new system.


Thanks for the feedback - this allows you to have any size that you like. Do you have a particular size for the component tree that you used to use @Doctor_Soft ?


I want to use a particular size for the component tree that if is it possible to add again with new size system. Because of it will very useful.


I hear you, but I’m wondering which of the sizes you used the most?


Half of size and full size.