Actech custom UI

Updated release of custom components (May 28, 2018).

Radio List
Checkbox List
Radio button
Toggle button
Floating action button
Time picker
Button tab navigator


This is amazing! Amazing work. I’m still trying to figure out how you did this!

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Thanks Albert,

I will also think about projects that will help beginners learn Thunkable X.


Updated version. Added:

Sample work with Sprite map
Demo Game 1
Demo Game 2
Text utils

[Bug] In the testing process in Thunkable Live (iOS 10.3, 11.4), sometimes the list initialization was incorrect index. For example, on the Lists page in the initSpinner block, a list of 3 options is defined. After opening this page, sometimes instead of displaying the first option, the second appeared as if list indexes start from 0. This happened for all lists in the project before it was rebooted. After rebooting the project in Thunkable Live, the indexing of the lists was restored.


Updated version. Added:

Slide drawer panel
Sliders (including slider switch)
Inverting text(Text utils page)
Create HTML offline (simple html editor)
Horizontal list-pad (D-Pad page)

It was tested only on iOS.


Works great on IOS. But crashes on Android.:pensive:


Yes, it also upsets me.

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Updated version:

  1. Added Chart screen - an example of displaying a graph in WebViewer using Google Charts.
  2. On the Get system info added information about the locale (with help Red_Panda)
  3. On the Buttons screen added segmented buttons and rotary button
  4. In the side drawer added icons (Unicode characters)

What would you like to see in the demo project?



Updated version (7.25.18):

  1. Added “Markup” screen - examples of using markup and some properties of widgets.
  2. Added “Check bugs” screen - on this screen you can check the moments that cause crashes or errors when working in my case in Thunkable Live.
  3. On the “Dialogs” page, examples of working with Alert are added.
  4. I tried to change some of the blocks so that there would be as few crashes on Android as possible, but some things will work and look not like on iOS.



Great work. Thank you!

Updated version (8.1.18):

  1. Added “File Viewer” screen - allows you to view iOS files of small size from the iPhone
  2. Added “Canvas” screen - contains an examples of working with SVG and <canvas>
  3. Added “Title” screen for more convenient navigation by sections

This version of the project causes a crash when trying to go to any screen or when loading on all my Android emulators. I’m curious to know if it works on Android devices? If not, then maybe we are confronted with some limitations of Android.

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This is a unstable version to control the stability of a large application Thunkable X on iOS and Android.

It may not even run on your device or will cause the application to fail on Android (for example when switching to another screen) or oddities in the work on iOS (for example, image is not displayed on the screen the Sprite map, wrong initialization of the Alert dialog on first start)


Did you add new component?

No. Recently, I added several new screens for working with FireBase, QuintaDB, QR and ran into a problem - new screens do not open in Live! Perhaps I have reached a new restriction in Thunkable X or found another bug related to using too many screens or blocks.

Hmmm, somehow when trying your app on Thunkable live, white screen showed up and keeps restarting

Try the latest version of this app. Does it work also cause a white screen?

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wow ok, it loaded! what was the bug?

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Sometimes, when components upgrade, the app still has the old ones…
Therefore it crashes…

(It’s my thinking :smile: ; I may be wrong)

ohh ok

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