Publishing on app store for private user issue: 3.2.0 Business: Other Business Model Issues


I am trying to publish an app for my employees on the apple store, I thought I could use the same settings for my previous public app, but the app got rejected with a note as follows:


Thank you for your resubmission. Upon further review, we identified an additional issue that needs your attention. See below for more information.

If you have any questions, we are here to help. Reply to this message in App Store Connect and let us know.

Guideline 3.2 - Business

We found in our review that your app is intended to be used by a specific business or organization, including partners, clients, or employees, but you’ve selected public distribution on the App Store in App Store Connect. Since the App Store is intended for apps with a public audience, we recommend reviewing the other distribution options available to you through your Apple Developer Program Account.

Next Steps

To resolve this issue, review the other distribution options available for apps designed for specific businesses or organizations and choose a distribution option that works for your app and users. You can review these app distribution options on Apple Developer.


simply my app is a form need to be submitted by my company employees and once they click submit , the form will be shared over any 3rd party app like WhatsApp.

when I select private from App Distribution Methods, it asks me to add the organization ID but I have no idea how to get this ID, any one had the same?

Thanks in advance

Please note that I have just come to know that I have to get the ID form
but it asks me to enroll with DUNS ID but I don’t have this ID since I am non (US) company