iOS app store publishing DUNS (D-U-N-S) number


I searched through the forum, but I didn’t find a relative subject,
We are a company Oman-based in GGC, and we want to publish an app in the apple store, I tried to publish the app as per the documentation here but there are some differences,
please check my interface below which I access to the app developer’s website

as you can see I have to join the program and it asks me to have DUNS number if I am going to publish as a business, and when I try to get the DUNS form it ask me to be US-based company. all the other options os to enroll as individual, is that fine ? or it will cause rejection for my app?

Does anyone who has done this recently? how I should pick the options as non-US business apps?

by the way, the app is just a web viewer that monitors trackable objects, nothing more,

Thanks in advance