Apple store rejection: 2.1.0 Performance: App Completeness


my app on apple store got rejected with the following message:

Guideline 2.1 - Information Needed

We’re looking forward to continuing our review, but we need more information about your business model and your users to help you find the best distribution option for your app. Our preliminary review suggests your app may be more appropriate for custom app distribution.

Next Steps

Please review the following questions and provide as much detailed information as you can for each question.

  1. Is your app restricted to users who are part of a single company? This may include users of the company’s partners, employees, and contractors.
  2. Is your app designed for use by a limited or specific group of companies?
  • If yes, which companies use this app?
  • If not, can any company become a client and utilize this app?
  1. What features in the app, if any, are intended for use by the general public?
  2. Identify the specific countries or regions where you plan to distribute your app.
  3. How do users obtain an account?
  4. Is there are any paid content in the app? For example, do users pay for opening an account or using certain features in the app?
  5. Who pays for the paid content and how do users access it?

Rejection Reasons:

2.1.0 Performance: App Completeness

and I did reply to the review as follows:

I will answer the questions below with the same numbering:
1- No, the app can be used by any party, member or user
2- No, the app is designed for public use, any member, user, or company can use the app by purchasing an account access
3- this app will allow the users to monitor and track their objects (assets) after installing GPS trackers on those objects, it allows them to do real-time monitoring and history route tracking.
5- after choosing a plan from ( they should contact us and make payment to gain system access
6- Yes
7- end customers of our company, after they pay, they will receive by email username and password for their account to start using it

I waited for 4 days but no updates, today I came to know that I have to submit again for the review, but I notice that the option sometimes it disappear, so I had to reload the page until it shows up again, and successfully I clicked on it,

any further suggestions or what should I do? this is my first app, and I am using the business account

Please let me know if there is specific channel for business account support

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