My problem with "Apple App Review"

I had my app on “”, after completing all the steps and filling the requirements

First i received “Metadata Rejection” with the following comment:
" * 2. 1 Performance: App Completeness

### Guideline 2.1 - Information Needed

This type of app has been identified as one that may violate one or more of the following:

1.1.6 - Include false information, features, or misleading metadata
2.3.0 - Undergo significant concept changes after approval
2.3.1 - Have hidden or undocumented features, including hidden “switches” that redirect to a gambling or lottery website
3.1.1 - Use payment mechanisms other than in-app purchase to unlock features or functionality in the app
3.2.1 - Do not come from the financial institution performing the loan services
4.3.0 - Are a duplicate of another app or are conspicuously similar to another app
5.2.1 - Were not submitted by the legal entity that owns and is responsible for offering any services provided by the app
5.2.3 - Facilitate illegal file sharing or include the ability to save, convert, or download media from third party sources without explicit authorization from those sources
5.3.4 - Do not have the necessary licensing and permissions for all the locations where the app is used

**Before we can continue with our review, please confirm that this app does not violate any of the above guidelines. You may reply to this message in Resolution Center or the App Review Information section in App Store Connect to verify this app’s compliance. **

Given the tendency for apps of this type to violate the aforementioned guidelines, this review will take additional time. If at any time we discover that this app is in violation of these guidelines, the app will be rejected and removed from the App Store, and it may result in the termination of your Apple Developer Program account.

Should you choose to resubmit this app without confirming this app’s compliance, the next submission of this app will still require a longer review time. Additionally, this app will not be eligible for an expedited review until we have received your confirmation."

I believe that my app is not violating these points, except that when i took screenshots i the “Banner Ads” invisible. because it will not look nice, not to cheat the users.

Hey @abedo, can you tell us a little more about the type of app you are trying to build? Do you have any idea why you received this message?

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No i do not have any idea why i received this message, they are not explaining the problem, they give multiple problems and you select which one applies on your app

this is my app on play store, i used the same screenshots i took it from iphone
Note: after publishing the app, i cleared my data in the firebase, do you think this is the problem ? i put that data only to make these screenshots

What did they say when you replied via the Resolution Center?

i told them that i need them to call me in order to make it easy to understand what is happening
and this is their reply:
"Thank you for contacting App Store Review. We understand that you would like to receive a call to discuss about the rejection of your app, "Told Secrets."

Because we often reference documents and resources with long URLs or consult with individuals who may not be available at the time of a call, we try to resolve issues through written communication first.

Therefore, we have added your questions to the app record for your app. The review team will follow up with you as soon as possible.

In the future, you can post your questions directly to your app record using the Reply feature in the Resolution Center. This option is available when your app is in a Rejected or Metadata Rejected state. When you communicate in the Resolution Center, it is not necessary to provide this information by email or through the Contact Us form.

We also noticed that you submitted an appeal that, at this time, is still pending completion. As with app reviews, it is not possible to estimate how long an appeal will take. After the evaluation is complete, the requester will be notified of the decision."

What do you suggest ?

@abedo, I would recommend going through Apple’s review and appeals process - it seems that you are trying to publish an app that might not meet their guidelines.

Apple have very high standards for the apps they publish. You should glean as much information as possible from this process so as to make sure your apps comply with their design and content guidelines.

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Thank you @domhnallohanlon
i will try to go through all their guidelines, but would you check my app and see if any of the rejection reasons apply, please?