Publishing a Private App

Hello Everyone,

For the first time a customer asked me to create an app (both iOS/Android) that is available on stores but it should be kept private or hidden as it’s meant to be used from the company’s employes only.

As far as i remember Apple and Play store won’t allow an app to ask an user to log in without giving a minimum viable/useful product.
The app will need to ask the user to log in straight away, so that’s why it won’t be considered such as.

What are your experiences on this?
Did you find a walkaround (unfortunatly the webapp in not an option) or solved the problem?

Also i saw someone in the forum already asked a similar question and apparently he gave up as Apple were asking some american business info (unprovidable).

I would like to be clear with my customer before starting working on the app.

Thank you very much for your help

@maurizio.polverini89 Depending on the number of employees, you could publish the app to Closed Testing (Android) and to TestFlight on iOS and create an External Testing Group. This would allow the employer to select who can download the app. Anyone outside of those groups would not have access.