Disable / Hide footer in app preview

Is there a way to hide or disable the app preview footer so I can see what the app would actually look like?

No. There have been topics about this and it’s an Apple requirement.

You can usually download an iOS app from Thunkable and test the app without the footer. But that’s currently disabled. So the only options are to publish it as a web app or publish it to Test Flight.

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Yeah, unfortunately since we can’t provide these to anyone anymore, you’ll need to get your app onto testflight to do testing. It’s a slight annoyance but more in line with the typical dev experience and simply what apple said we had to do.

Why is there a BIG WHITE BAR at the bottom of the live app on tablets?

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In AppGyver the preview is in full screen. On an IPhone.

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So this is a permanent change to Thunkable?

Only kinda.

Previously we provided downloads by building the apps for you with our iOS enterprise distribution certificate. That is no longer an option per Apple Policies for various reasons. In short, the ability to continue providing downloads was out of our control.

# **Thunkable still offers a multitude of ways to test your iOS apps. Here’s how:**

* **Live Preview and Live Test** - Thunkable’s [Live Preview](https://docs.thunkable.com/v/drag-and-drop/live-test#live-preview) and [Live Test](https://docs.thunkable.com/v/drag-and-drop/live-test#live-test) features are the quickest and easiest way to test your Thunkable app functionality as you build your app. These two features are best used with your internal team.
* **Test with the Thunkable Web App** - Publishing as a Web App is currently the fastest way to publish your Thunkable app, allowing you to get internal or external user feedback in minutes instead of hours or days. One major advantage to publishing on the web is that you don't need to pay any publishing fees to get your app into the hands of your users, teammates, and stakeholders. You can read more about publishing to a Web App [here](https://docs.thunkable.com/v/drag-and-drop/publish-as-a-web-app-pro#mobile-web-app).
* Thunkable is updating our plans to allow all users with a Starter Plan or above to test with a Web App.

# **Download and Test iOS Apps on TestFlight**

Apple makes it easy for you to test your iOS app on [TestFlight](https://developer.apple.com/testflight/). This allows you to test up to 100 apps at one time. You can also designate both internal and external testers, giving you the flexibility to conduct comprehensive user testing for your app from several audiences. You can read more about the TestFlight testing process [here](https://docs.thunkable.com/v/drag-and-drop/publish-to-app-store-ios/testflight#testing-apps-with-testflight).

If you’re part of an educational system, non-profit, or governmental organization, Apple offers discounts through the [Apple Developer Program Waiver](https://developer.apple.com/support/membership-fee-waiver/). We encourage you to apply!

New iOS Download Feature to Look Forward To

This summer, we will release the ability to insert your own Apple Developer Certificate to download iOS files directly from Thunkable to your devices.

We sincerely apologize for any disruptions to your workflow this may cause. We recognize that a majority of Thunkable users test their apps with a combination of Live Preview, Live Testing on the Thunkable Live app, and via direct download to iOS & Android. Our mission is to provide you with the best no code app development experience.

Glad to hear this. I understand your ability to provide downloads is limited by Apple policies but it makes a difference as a user to be able to download directly from Thunkable (quick and easy) rather than just having to use Test Flight (not always quick or easy).


If it is an Apple requirement, why this is mandatory to have it on Android too ? :thinking:
Can’t be release a little bit different version of Thunkable Live for Google play store ? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
That bottom section wouldn’t so much bothered if it wouldn’t be so big :rofl:

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Agreed :disappointed:

Soon tho!

I wonder what Apple requirement is,

As others pointed out, AppGyver app for iPhone does not have a footer. AppGyver is owned by SAP and I do not think they want to create any difficult time for themselves with Apple.


I’ve just created an account with Appery.io.

Their app tester on IPhone shows full screen.
That app tester was released 4 days ago, so it must comply with the latest rules.

It appears to me, that this footer thing is rather a unique specialty from Thunkable and has nothing to do with Apple.


It appears to me, that this footer thing is rather a unique specialty from Thunkable and has nothing to do with Apple.


This is very true.

AppGyver, Kodular, and may others as you have said do not have this on Android, some do not even have it on iOS. Frankly it is a bad excuse because there are plenty of almost identical app builder SaaS’ out there (some also based on the original MIT code) that do not have the footer, because it is literally not required if you actually read Apple’s T&Cs at face value, rather than interpreting them.

Thunkable; it’s not really good enough to keep giving us reasons, and seemingly empty justifications, when almost every other company doesn’t do it.


I wonder what Apple requirement is,

There isn’t one, this is something someone at Thunkable made up, based on a mis-interpreted read of the Apple App Store Terms.

See here for exact details:


A bit more than two weeks since Feb 3rd isn’t it :wink:

Dear Thunkable.

This is not a complex issue. Someone at Thunkable is being stubborn, or justifying a previous bad decision with legal spiel or developer bull, they are lying to cover up their mistake and you’re perpetuating it and worse, confusing the community. Bad humans, stoppit.

Clearly Apple doesn’t need the bar but it’s always been there. Android is a different story, that’s recent and unnecessary.

Own your mistakes Thunkable, don’t break what didn’t need fixing, but now fix what you broke.


There’s no huge bar anymore on Android. What are you referencing @tgsacc

Wondering if it’s keeping you from publishing.

The white bar on iOS isn’t us doing some for the sake of doing it, it is an Apple requirement. (3.3.2 paragraph 2)

The thin white bar on Android isn’t going away yet though we’re looking into how to work around this for both platforms though we’re not making promises.


I read the paragraph number of times and do not see how it relates to Thunkable.

  1. You are not using the Thunkable companion app to teach us how to program.
  2. You do not download code when using the companion app, I wish I can get to the code of my projects somehow.
  3. You do not run executable codes in your companion app.

I must say, I’m not a native English speaker and therefore I might not understand it the way it is meant to be.



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