Remove bottom banner on Thunkable Live app?

Is there a way to remove the bottom banner from Thunkable Live? I am trying to get some footage of my app but the banner always appears even when I don’t need it to.

Not from an iPhone/iPad. It’s required by Apple. There are multiple topics about it on the forums. For example:

But you can download the project and it won’t have that banner when you test it.


I use an Android for live, and it still has this giant white banner, even though I’ve read that Andriod shouldn’t have it.


Yes, I’ve read that, too. I’m not sure what’s happening with Thunkable Live on Android.

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In the meantime, as a workaround, compile your app as APK and install it in your phone.

You will be able to use it and take screenshots without the button banner.

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It says 2 downloads a month is this true? Testing would be insanely hard if I can’t try it more than twice.

On the free plan, yes. On the Starter plan, it’s 25 per month. You can always purchase a subscription to be able to test more often.

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Does the app I download have the ability to update so I don’t have to download a new app every change?

No. But you can Live Test all you want using the Thunkable Live app on a mobile device. You’re only limited when actually downloading the app.

I need the downloaded version because the live and downloaded versions look very different and the live version still has that white bar at the bottom that shrinks my screen so I can’t record using that. Is there no way to test the app properly without paying?

I don’t work for Thunkable but I think the options are pretty clear:

  1. Use the free version and download the project up to 2 times per month
  2. Use the paid version and gain access to increased downloads per month

I have Pro and am not spending hours of time downloading APKs, I am paying for a service that has a live viewer. I do not want a big white bar in the viewscreen, it’s insane and an overzealous interpretation of Apple’s rules. The fact it is on Android is ridiculous (because we all know it hasn’t been for at least the last 2 years) and Jared suggested it would be removed by this week…

See Martint’s comments here

For a very good point about the incorrect interpretation of ‘executable code’. It’s not JavaScript or Swift or C# or C++ etc. is it? So it’s not ‘actual’ code. Thunkable’s live viewer is pre-compiled so there’s no way to actually execute code. If it has to happen, may I suggest removing the ‘code’ tab (that I doubt anyone actually views on devices anyway), because it makes it sound like it’s code, when it’s just blocks.

Ask your devs if it’s “code”, not your legal team…

Thought it would’ve been at this point. Will have to check in and get back to you all on this. I’m so used to it on iOS (3yrs now)I don’t even notice when I switch to Android for testing.

Sorry about dropping the ball here! I’ll check back in soon!

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Hello to all,
I am using Android and also facing this problem of the white banner when live testing. In some cases, it hides some buttons or text input zones, so that I cannot live test my apps. In other cases, it makes the components overlap each-others.
@jared Do you have ideas or news about how to get rid off it? This is actually preventing us from using the live test function, which seem essential to us.
Thanks a lot in advance.

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Tentatively, we should be seeing this very soon. There were a few issues reverting back BUT looks like it’s only awaiting one final review and then deployment at this time!


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