Beta version of the Live app to test 20% bar removal?


This is something that has been mentioned before and is a bit of a contested topic.

Evidence from the Apple and Google Play terms have been presented on this forum that show there is no need for the 20% bar at the bottom, because the live app doesn’t show “computer code”, it just shows rendered data (flutter?), which is realistically what an actual app would do…

Anyway, my question is; Can Thunkable launch a separate Beta app (probably better so the main one is ‘safe’) or a beta version alongside the main one that has that bar removed, and see if Google (and Apple) are okay with it.

Seeing as other apps like Kodular (which also uses blocks) and AppGyver do not have these bars, one can only assume that Thunkable is being overzealously cautious.

The Live app presents a large issue where the app you see, is not the one you get, as there is (obviously) 20% of the app not showing/ being hidden, this is even worse on landscape as 20% is a much bigger proportion.

One wouldn’t design a webpage with 20% of the bottom being hidden before the fold, so why would anyone do that with an app?

Please, please can someone create a beta app, and if it passes, either release it as a separate app or gradually roll it out?

Thank you :slight_smile: