[Solved] How can I download my iOS app for testing [July 2022]

Hello there, a few months ago I tried thunkable for one of my apps and I was able to download the file on both android and iphone. Now I have noticed that it is only for Android. Can they no longer be downloaded for iPhones?
So how do i test an app before publishing it if i can’t try it on my iphone???

Hey @caputoluca88gpr7ue

Previously we provided downloads by building the apps for you with our iOS enterprise distribution certificate. That is no longer an option per Apple Policies for various reasons. In short, the ability to continue providing downloads was out of our control.

Thunkable still offers a multitude of ways to test your iOS apps. Here’s how:

  • Live Preview and Live Test - Thunkable’s Live Preview and Live Test features are the quickest and easiest way to test your Thunkable app functionality as you build your app. These two features are best used with your internal team.
  • Test with the Thunkable Web App - Publishing as a Web App is currently the fastest way to publish your Thunkable app, allowing you to get internal or external user feedback in minutes instead of hours or days. One major advantage to publishing on the web is that you don’t need to pay any publishing fees to get your app into the hands of your users, teammates, and stakeholders. You can read more about publishing to a Web App here.
  • Thunkable is updating our plans to allow all users with a Starter Plan or above to test with a Web App.

Download and Test iOS Apps on TestFlight

Apple makes it easy for you to test your iOS app on TestFlight. This allows you to test up to 100 apps at one time. You can also designate both internal and external testers, giving you the flexibility to conduct comprehensive user testing for your app from several audiences. You can read more about the TestFlight testing process here.

If you’re part of an educational system, non-profit, or governmental organization, Apple offers discounts through the Apple Developer Program Waiver. We encourage you to apply!

New iOS Download Feature to Look Forward To

This summer, we will release the ability to insert your own Apple Developer Certificate to download iOS files directly from Thunkable to your devices.

We sincerely apologize for any disruptions to your workflow this may cause. We recognize that a majority of Thunkable users test their apps with a combination of Live Preview, Live Testing on the Thunkable Live app, and via direct download to iOS & Android. Our mission is to provide you with the best no code app development experience.


how to get my email invitation or follow the public link?

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