Ios download problems

in this moment, ios download function not yet available,want to ask thunkable company, for a solution of visa for ios download function?

There a lot of hoops and things we have to think about as a company in regards to allowing users to simply just download their iOS apps through Thunkable without publishing to the app store with their own Developer account. Apple puts it against their best practices to allow this anyway so we have adhered to that and removed that capability.

I am thinking we’ll see a solution to this, one way or another by Q2 of 2023.

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Thank you for your answer and look forward to your way to launch ios download again

Earlier this year @cassandra had said that this would be out this summer or it was the plan. . What happened to that timeline? Any chance we can get some transparency on this issue?

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@conroy33 I’m wondering the same thing. It really limits us as developers to have to publish to TestFlight just to see if a small change looks right on an iOS device. There are also bugs in the publishing system (things like the bundle ID reverting) and even when everything works, we have to re-create certificates. It’s at best an hour before we can see the changes we’ve made to a project. Add to that the fact that emails from Thunkable don’t specify the errors during publishing and that delay might be even longer while we sort out the issue.

It would be one thing if Thunkable Live showed an accurate representation of projects but it doesn’t. So we don’t have a good alternative at this point.

In this moment ,ios download function will be launched in the Q2 season as scheduled?

Which download function? Can you send a screenshot of which block can do download procedures for android??

If you Google download Thunkable you can find the documentation which includes the screenshot here: Download - Thunkable Docs

@tatiang Expect new and better messaging from us about build errors very soon.

@jared et al for iOS downloads in general. I agree with the frustration in not being able to download to TestFlight. I wasn’t here this summer so I don’t know what was going on then when Cass mentioned that timeline. But there are external issues with Apple that we are having to navigate now which is delaying this. It is not a simple issue of whether to just allow downloads again through Thunkable or not.

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@conroy33 your mean is thankable can’t get the ios download function again in Q2 this year as scheduled?

@kinhangyu I cannot say one way or the other at this moment when it’ll be back.

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