Does the version of iOS software a user is using affect apps built with Thunkable?

I had a recent glitch where my app would not work when downloaded. After updating my phones software on an iPhone 8 it worked fine.

I am to the point where I want to publish and am having people test my app. One of the people testing (through Thunkable download link) had a glitch and the app didn’t work right. They were not able to complete the game.

I am curious if the download link to test the app can get corrupt? If I publish will to the app store would I have similar problems if users don’t have updated software on their phone?

Hi @ryan_hall_apps,

The download link from Thunkable should work the same as publishing it to the App Store. Now there have been reports before of new iOS versions causing some issues so there is always the possibility of this being related.

Is the tester who is having issues on a beta of iOS? What device and OS version are they running?

I personally haven’t experienced any trouble with direct downloads, iOS 13.3.1

Also I don’t want to be telling you your business whatsoever but I recommend using TestFlight over direct download link via Thunkable :slight_smile: For large scale testing of course.


I believe her version is an older version. It could be my app that is the problem, but it works fine on my device.

Thanks for the recommendation. I will look into that!

If you think there is a genuine issue you can report it on Thunkable Issues.

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I think you have this figured out here @ryan_hall_apps, but just to clarify, the minimum requirement for iOS apps is iOS 10.0

See more in the docs here:

As Eoin mentions, please don’t do this - the approved way to testing an iOS app is with Test Flight.
If you must have a third party test you app in this manner, please share a link to your project with them and then have them download their own copy.

Not corrupt - but it does expire after 24 hours.

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