Publishing , and sending try-outs

Hey guys,
What are the release stages and what else should I do besides pay for thunkable?
And can i sent beta versions of applications to customers (i dont want them to see my source code and stuff ) . basically i want them to try it out.


Are you talking about publishing your app to App Store and Play Store?

You will need to be a PRO member and use the menu option to create the source app required by the Store.

You will need to pay to the Store to be able to publish. Google is a one off payment and Apple is an annual subscription.

You will need to read all the required files and information for your app to be accepted.

However, you can choose to publish for testing and not directly to the public. You can publish to testers by using TestFlight in iOS or use the testing releases in Android.

If this is not what you are asking about then just ignore it.


This is what i asked, thanks .
And my second question is , some people wants to test the apps that i made on their phone ,
Can i send them link to download ? (Looking for way to send demos to my costumers

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Yes, you can. Basically you need to register their emails in the test you are doing. If for iPhone each user need to install TestFlight in their phone and install your app from it after you invite them by email.

The same for Android but users do not need to install any special app.

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