What to do after having my app under "Testflight"

I finally got my app under testflight

but i’m confused i finished everything under “App Information” and “Pricing and Availability”

when i press on “prepare for submission” it asks for some data which i do not have such as the “Build” which is the ipa.
if my build is under “testflight” what should i do ?
it asked me to add external testers and i added my friend as shown in the picture, but he is not receiving any invitation ?
Let’s say he was invited?
then, what to do ?
how to finish these steps to have my app published in AppStore ?

Thanks in Advance

Hi there,

Test flight is used for sharing your app with others before it gets published to the App Store. To publish to the App Store, you’ll have to fill out the Pricing and Availability and App Information sections.

More details on our docs below:


Thank you @albert for your precious help
this link helped me

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