Thunkable Live iOS app

Hi Folks,

Just wondering if maybe I made a typo in the Google Form yesterday?

In Arun’s email he says:

you will need to first download the TestFlight app from the App Store. You will then use the invitation that you should have received in your email account to install the Thunkable Live iOS app.

I’ve checked my inbox, spam folder, the test flight app etc. and I can’t seem to find the invitation anywhere. Is there anything I can do on my end to get this working?




Please try this… it will resolve. I had the same issue - now resolved

lucatunesThunk On!11h1
Hey everyone. Im having an issue with testflight. Im in the itunes connect panel and I have testflight open on my IPhone. I accepted the invite but the app isnt showing up to download. I belive I need to have the app first in order for it to work. Then it might show up. @amrita @albert @wei @mike

I think my invite email loooked different also. Could you send me an invite Code? I think that might help becuase I can put that in my phone.

Never Mind! Fixed The Issue! When you guys are ready I can help you.
Steps to downloading the app.

Accept The Invite From Albert In Your Email
Go Into ITunes Connect And Press TestFlight.
Navigate Into Internal Testers
Check Your Name
Click Save
Check your email for a new email
Go To Testflight And Click Enter Code
Enter The Code And Install The Companion!

There You Go! Happy Thunking!


I just made one with screenshots.


Sorry this wasn’t clear but thanks so much for your help with the instructions!

Yes No Problem. Thanks for working on IOS :smiley:

could someone please send me an invitation to my email to use testflight please I am desperate