No invite on TestFlight

I wanted to do some live testing with the ios beta live test, but I don’t have an invite on the TestFlight app to get the Thunkable app on my phone. Did I use a wrong email in the signup?


TL;DR: Google likes to hide Thunkable emails, who woulda Thunk?

So checking my email this morning, (it’s a gmail, keep that in mind 'cuz that’s important,) I actually found the ios Thunkable email in the promotions folder of my inbox, which sucks because I don’t believe you can find those emails in the Mail application in Windows 10… I found the fourm link and will fill it out ASAP, becuase this will be fun to try out when I can!

If you have filled in the form, please wait, the Thunkable team are adding people in batches.