Geting Started With IOSalpha

  1. Go to your Email and look for an email looking like this:
  2. Click Activate Your Account
  3. Enter Your Apple ID And Accept The Terms.
  4. Go To and Sign In Your Screen Should Look Like This:

    Make Sure Under Your Name It Says Thunkable
  5. Click My Apps
  6. Click Thunkable Live
  7. Now you will be in a screen like this:

    Do Not Change Anything In This Section!!! It Will Affect The Thunkable Live App!!!
  8. Click TestFlight
  9. Your screen should look like this:
  10. Click Internal Testing (In The Side Menu)
  11. Now click the + button:
  12. Now check your name:
  13. After That Press Add And Then Save:
  14. Now Go To Your Email And Find An Email Like This:
  15. Click View In TestFlight And Open TestFlight On Your Device
    16: A Window Like This Will Open:
  16. Enter The Code On Your Device And You Can Download The App!

Hope I Helped! Have Fun With IOS!


Thanks @lucatunes! This is very helpful!!

No Problem @domhnallohanlon! Have you gotten to try testing your IOS app yet?

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Exactly correct. The same steps. @ step 11/12 - we need to help our self and add ourself. :slight_smile:

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I just followed these as well and its exactly correct:) Great job @lucatunes - this will be very useful for others!

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I have filled out the form but haven’t received any invitation email.

Yes It Needs To Be Done Manually. I would add you but I dont have the permissions too for some reason :stuck_out_tongue:

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Are you using Gmail?

Try searching for “itunes connect” or “itunes store” and see if you have any emails from the 4th or 5th of April.

It turned out that I had received the invitation but it skipped all my inboxes (primary/social/promotions etc) and had gone to “All Mail” instead


@albert did send it to you, so let us know if you are still having problems.


I didn’t reseve my email invitation!

Use the search bar for your inbox…

yes i use gmail and i use the search bar

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@111 we sent the email to you. i just checked. can you check your span.

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I check them but nothing is it possible to send it again?

Thanx for your time

It doesn’t go to your inbox or your spam, same thing happened to me. Check your “All Mail” folder in Gmail


Yeah in my case, it came to PROMOTION in Gmail :smiley:


Hello. I did not receive my invitation too. Could you please check it?

please i want test beta ios im new here thank you

Welcome to the community!

The iOS version of Thunkable is currently in testing. Please take a look here for more information: