Problems with Data Viewer List in the STP UI

Do you hope to copy a DVL from one screen to the next and get the same block combo?
Or are you duplicating screens and wanting the blocks there?

I think I’m a little confused here.

@Tatiang, @Muneer, @jared

Well, in the copy everything is row, label, column.label, row, column… without numbers its very complicated

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whoah. didn’t notice that before… that seems new. can you share that project with me?

I think I have seen them before, with the numbers changed because there were others with the same name

Sounds like a weird copying issue. It goes away when i remix the app. Can you try that for. me please?

I haven’t seen other reports of this but will keep my eyes open.

@jared What do you mean by “It goes away when i remix the app.” I’m using Ctrl+F5 or live test and everythig is the same

The issue with the components not being renamed to have a number after them goes away when i remix the app. Otherwise, i dont see anything else inherently wrong with what’s going on in your project. Maybe if you explain it another way?

But I still have the very same problem. I don’t know how you Remix that, but it doesn’t work for me

@Tatiang, @Muneer, @jared . Hi. I’ve been trying to get on with the DVLs… they repeat parameters, and even though I use them as if they had the correct name, they don’t work.

And if I try “Save Screen to My Screens” it works (in the blue rectangle) changing the numbers, according to the number of these items in my app, but it doesn’t work (in the red rectangle) with come of them, making it impossible to work with. Have a look to the original, and to the copy:

Nobody else has this problem? Why does it happen?

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