Dataviewer list update ? critical block no longer exist!

Hello all,

i recently find out that some block are no longer displayed in the data viewer list.
thoses :frowning:

but how is it possible now to get a proper text, subtitle or title data if we dont have thoses blocks any more ?
Very stuck right now :frowning:

thx for helping
(drag and drop version)

PS: what is stupid is that i can find them in old app i’ve done before and they still works ! but they r bugged and some time copy past doesnt work. u need to extract the block directely from the original UI component panel.

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This is a BUG that was discovered shortly and has been reported.

See this post

ok thank you.
i think i will stop use this DnD tech. seems to be more bugged than the old one…
shame cuz it was far more intuitive.

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I didn’t see it on GitHub so I added it as a bug:


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