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Hi Thunkers,

There are something strange with the DataViewer of my project, no matter witch layout (pre-defined or custom) I choose: I can display the data on the list grid, but when I try access any value in the Dataviewer item click block, the values comes empty!

Below you can see the configuration of the bindings in the DataViewer

Look the dataviewer binding result on the screen app:

dataviewer velog

But when I try to access the dataviewer row values all returns empty, despite the data is displayed normally on the data viewer as you can see below:

Captura de tela de 2022-06-15 19-45-59

As you can see above, I’m showing the rowid and a true/false if the element is empty in an alert box, according the following blocks :

Captura de tela de 2022-06-15 19-34-34

Any idea why the result is empty if I’m sure I have content on the element?

I already delete / create the dataviewer, change the layout, but the problem persists.

Any help will be appreciated!


Paulo Vaz

Hello Thunkers!

I managed to solve the problem by deleting and re-inserting (!?) the blocks in green that referred to the dataviewer labels.

Although they were correctly referencing the labels, for some bizarre reason they couldn’t access the value contained inside.

This sort of thing annoys given the amount of time wasted having to guess what’s going on, as there’s no reason it wouldn’t work. Having to delete and redo something the same as what should already work is a pain.

I saw this in other cases, that the only way to solve is delete / create the blocks again, I don’t remember now what is, but I lost 2 days stuck on this issue… :frowning:

Anyway, hope the team look for this more carefully to try identify why this things happens.


Paulo Vaz

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Did the blocks that you were originally using come from a copy of another components blocks? A different way to ask that is when you first used the block that was not working, did you pull it out of the drawer or did you copy it from another screen or did you copy it from another component?

In fact the only thing was changed is that I deleted the previous dataviewer for a new one with new columns and layout.

When you delete the dataviewer, all references to it, shows an error icon. But when you select again the dataviewer label’s name, the error icon desapears. Anyway, for some reason the blocks remains linked to the old dataviewer (something internal I supose), and because the old dataviewer doesn’t exist the return is empty.

So, the only solution was delete and paste the same blocks again despite you fix the error of reference.

Are that specific situations hard to detect, but when happens make you crazy.

Ive actually experienced this same issues, it doesnt happen everytime but every so often it does.
@jared this type of issue is really hard to re produce due to it happening intermittently

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