Data Viewer List and Grid

in both new components very easy to bing data from datasource; in the same datasource I stored also the link to click but in this case how do I get the data?


Hey @Andrea_Marchisio,

We’re working on an update at the moment that should make doing something like this possible.

Hopefully it will be available in the coming weeks.


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Currently I want to implement a Task management app using Thunkable.

Most of my data dynamically changes when user create tasks, update the tasks, write the comments etc. And also I need to give the Data source dynamically to the Dataviewer and it should be able to refresh automatically.

So in the current Dataviewer, I am not able to see such options. If you can provide it will be wonderful

Hi , anyone know how to put index in Dataviewer ? or how to use item id ?

A few days ago I asked the same thing; in data viewers how do we get the clicked value? a screen with parameter or a url that we save in the table.

In my opinion, the procedure should carry back the value to be used in the click phase.


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The AirTable table has a hidden _id field. The value of this field just returns this block. To get the number of this record, you need to cycle through all the records and compare the id values (See scrAirTable in Thunkable) New link!


Thank’s for helping , i try to open the link but is not working

I confirm, the link doesn’t works

… maybe I understood. In this way it is possible to return the data we want in the click block


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yes I confirm. this is the right way.

Now I think the thunk dev team have to fix some issues because for example the block takes too much time to get data from one click to another.

Another problem is like in my example before I used Alert block to show the data back and now I’m using “Open Link” but … when i Click, the App open before the Alert and then the link as if the system hadn’t saved the block change.

Hi everyone! Sorry for the confusion here. We are working on fixing some of the issues that users have identified and also hopefully making things a little bit faster and easier. @Andrea_Marchisio, I can confirm that your previous post with the screenshot is the intended way of using the Data Viewer and Data Source blocks together. Can you clarify what you mean by the following?

when i Click, the App open before the Alert and then the link as if the system hadn’t saved the block change.

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Hello Steven,
thanks for your reassurances, we are looking forward confident because this data viewer is really an important step for this platform.

Anyway as I reported in my previous post, I used Alert component to show the data back from click; now I changed my blocks so:


but in spite of everything when I click the bottom there are two different behaviors based on OS:

  1. iOS → just the alert so:

  2. Android → before a white alert and then open the link page

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Thanks, I think I understand what the issue is. Would I be correct in thinking that your desired behavior is to show the alert and then, once the user has selected confirm, the app navigates to the link? I wasn’t able to reproduce your issue but I was able to get the desired behavior. Do you have any other blocks with that Data Viewer or Alert that might cause an issue?

Feel free to send me a DM with a link to your project so I can take a look for you. It might be easier to determine what the issue is that way. :slight_smile:

Hello Steven,
sorry but the behavior I had was not a desired but an issue: today I remade the entire screen in the same way and the problem is gone. Incredible or you have fixed something :wink:

I will let you know of other strange behaviors.
Thank you

Do you know why this might occur when trying to save new data into airtable?

I want to save the data then bring it back to the data viewer

I get the same

Hi… Checkout this link for get an idea on how to work with dataviewerlist

Thanks for helping out but this post is one year old ad it isn’t a good practice to open topics more than a few months old. Thanks!

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