Link can be press in data viewer

I use airtable and data viewer. I insert links in airtable and I display the link using data viewer. How the links can be press in data viewer and when it press it will navigate to google chrome?

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use this to view the selected link in the data viewer. I assumed the link is in the title column but if in another column just replace it in the example shown


When I press the link, why it don’t navigate to google chrome? And the link don’t change to blue color

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The data viewer does not understand that this is a link. It sees it as a text. If you do the block I showed you it should open the link.

I follow your blocks and it didn’t open the link. How to make the data viewer knows that was a link?

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Please send a screen shot of your blocks so I can see what is the issue

Also please specify the binding column in the data viewer (is it Title, Subtitle, text, …).

I made a quick sample project. Check it

Clickable Links

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Here is my blocks.

My data viewer looks like this.

When I press, I want the link will change to blue color and it will go to google chrome. The link is in label and the link will be together with the text, exacly like the image.

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so it tough
or not possible in thunkable for now

Remix the project and let me know if it worked for you. It became a lot complicated for the task it is performing and I’m sure it can be optimized in a much better way but the idea is to see it working

I already remix. If mine there is text and link, but if yours there is only link. If I only use link only, it works correctly. But if I use text and link, it doesn’t works at all.

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I made some changes in my project and if you remix now you will see that it works for all cases.
It will work if only link and will also work if link in between text

I just open your project. I try to click the data viewer and it work correctly. If you use default data viewer, if I use custom data viewer. When I copy your blocks to my project with my custom data viewer, it don’t go to google chrome. Your blocks can only be use by default data viewer. So could you please change your blocks, that can be use also in custom data viewer? Because in my project I use custom data viewer.

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It should work with your custom DVL. You need to change all references in my code to the field you save your text in.

If this does not work then I need to see your project to make the code workable.

Happy Thunking
Here is my project. Could you fix this. When the link is press it will go to google chrome (the link is in label 87), so to open the link not by pressing the data viewer, but press the link. The link will have light blue color. Then could you screen shot everything you’ve change? So I could copy to my main project.

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I noticed the Notes field does not contain any link. I added a block to test for this condition.

check Thunkable

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Screenshot_20210204-194453_Thunkable.jpg - Google Drive.
An image solution


Please read the full post to understand the problem. The solution you provided does not fit the problem in the post.