How to open URL link in specific cell in Airtable and it will direct it to the websites URL in Thunkable?

I’ve tried to try this but then it doesn’t work.

Screenshot (134)

and if I use this block, it will direct it to all the links in the Airtable.

Screenshot (135)

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You only need this piece of the code

In the for row id insert the row number such as 1.

Hi @thetechies021v ,

the block “when DataViewerList …” normally has a green block at the outer right, called “rowID”. With this rowID you can call the details from the selected item in DataViewerlist like so:

Of course you can use the resulte from the “get value from …” block to search for items in airtable, but in case you connected your DataViewerList to Airtable as your datasource, this step is not neccessary.

I’ve tried both method but it seems it didn’t direct to the websites that I want.

This is my Airtable data. Should I edit something in the table so that it will easily direct to the link?

There’s nothing wrong with your Airtable data. You need to fix the blocks in Thunkable. Drag out a new Data Viewer List Left Swipe Click block and and make sure it has a green row id block this time. See here for what it should look like: Data Viewer List - Thunkable Docs. The row id block should be dragged to the for row id spot in the get value from block.

But you also need to fix your rowNum and columnName text values in the call Airtable1's GetCell block. I strongly recommend that you watch an Airtable Thunkable tutorial video (Google airtable Thunkable).

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I think my example shows the way, you should look for the filed named “url” in airtable like this:


Thank you very much everyone. Finally, I managed to open the links. Thanks for all the solutions that you’ve give.

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