Web viewer with colour and Text problems

Hi: I have a Data Viewer List, calling my sources in Airtable. There I have different items , such as some video lessons in one hand, and in the other some exercises in HTML files format, included in different web pages ( html://lesson01.xxx.org) etc. The video lessons run very well.
I can open the exercises in any browser, but with thunkable web viewer there are some problems, There are missing colours and some very relevant text

I don’t know how this is happening.
Could you share any ideas?

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You can use open link component from the control drawer.

Hi Muneer: Thanks . I am using these two screens

I think that with open link I should have to give as many URLs as exercises, and I think I have this solved with the variable ClickedRow2.
Anyway, I read somewthing you wrote before:10Captura
How can you get that green FROM . . .FOR . . . GET . … ? I can’t find it anywhere. Thanks again. I know very little about programming, so if you see any thing I shoul improve, please let me know.

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After the update, the new block looks like this


But this will only work if the Title of the Data Viewer List has the URL.

Oh, I see. Than you so much

Do you think my “sollution” works as well as yours?

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You are using the Title field of the Data Viewer List as the URL to open the web page. If the URL is contained in the title then it will work.

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Thank you. Bit can you Tell me why some colours and text are missing?

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Can you provide a screenshot of the problem and if possible a screenshot of the related blocks?

It’s very hard to comment on such thing without seeing it.

Hi, munneer, thank you for your time and advice. There are two screenshots: the coloured one is how this HTML5 quiz I am making appears in ant browser. It is made with the ISPRING QUIZMAKER program.

But when I try to make It run under THUNKABLE, I use the blocks un screens 1 and 2 ( WEB HTML), and the result for the same Page of the exercise is very different, as you can see in the second screenshot ( mostly White), with no logo, no picture, no questions and no indications

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Does it have to be a web viewer?

Why don’t you use open link?

This was my suggestion.

Hi, Thanks again. I thought I knew what I was doing with web viewer,but it fails.
I never used open link , but i’ll try to make it work, suppose united to app variable

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The coloured one is how it appears in a pc browser,
With the blue and red sentences and colours.
The other one is how I can see them in my phone when I use the Thunkable app.

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When you use open link it will invoke the phone browser and therefore I would think it will be ok for you.

Thank you so mucho. I Will try It.

Hi, I have been trying to use your idea for hours, and I got nothing… As you Know, this example is only two little pages, the first one with the Data Viewer list, and the second with the Web Viewer, but I just don’t know how to make your suggestion work properly to execute the URLs. if I don’t have a Web Viewer, I’m lost , and I’m really sorry because what I get with the viewer doesn’t work fine. And I couldn’t find any examples…




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This is an example of a single screen with a single table to demonstrate the idea


Let me know if it works with you.