Rich text formatting HTML web viewer with thunkable

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I am @tchind .
I have been trying to implement rich text formatting by adding a web viewer and using HTML.
I am getting unexpected results presently.

Interface:Snap to Snap
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I can’t seem to open this project. Can you share the link from the project page?

I was able to open the project link. When you share a link to a project with many screens, it’s important to tell us which screen you’re having a problem with and if there are many blocks on that screen, which section of blocks as well.

Also, when you say “I am getting unexpected results” … I have no idea what that means. What do you expect to see and what are you actually seeing?

Updated results: Thunkable

  1. Post button is not clicking
  2. Not appearing webviewer HTML code
  3. That is all
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also…i noticed that webviewer is not appearing on mobile but on the web it is. is there some issue with Live Test in snaptoplace.blocks?

@worldfromyeyer Hi does your html problem look like this one?


Sorry, The problem is still not solved and persists for more than 2 weeks

Your problem with the POST screen and the Web Viewer.

Yes there is a problem with the Web Viewer but the Post button in your code fails because you are trying to pass null or undefined values to the create row block which result in the app crashing.

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Which “unidentified value”?

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Use an alert component to view all the variables before you create row and you will see that your values comes up as null or undefined.

This is what I did.

is Variable image null?

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Have you assigned anything to this variable?

Remember, in local table, you can save the URL of the image but not the actual image file.

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