Data Viewer List

Hi everyone,

I am currently facing a weird situation with the Data Viewer List(or Grid).

Here is what happened.

I have a Data Viewer List in Item screen.

The table:

Data Binding:

The Items screen Blocks:

And then left swap to enter Edit Item screen: (partial blocks)

If I edit the item in row 1: (Display null)

If I edit the item in row 2: (Display Correctly) (Edit screen should recall information from table “Items” and put it to input fields, please ignore the Expiration Date part.)

I am pretty sure two days ago, it was working properly. And I didn’t change anything to these screens.
I found this because I am trying to fetch data from a table by storing a row ID to a variable, then call the variable from other screens. It works for every row, except row 1. Is there anything I am doing wrong? Can someone test it out, please?


It’s happening to me also and I can’t figure out why.

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I am having this same issue trying to create Data viewer display everything says null any fix or this?

Please refer to this thread.

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Please refer to this thread