Unable to access Data Viewer List sub-items

I am trying the get the text in the Title of the Data Viewer List but all the blocks are turned to numbers instead of the properties of the selected item.

This is only in the DnD UI.

This problem was reported previously while testing the Blocks screen SPLIT option. I have a feeling it is related to the Add Blocks option add lately in the Design screen.



I can confirm this. I added a Data Viewer List and then clicked on Title and saw IDs listed instead of the Data Viewer List’s name or the Title’s name:

Also, if I add the Title’s Text to a Label, it gives an error symbol:

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Reported here: Submenu of Data Viewer List component has ID values and creates errors · Issue #1073 · thunkable/thunkable-issues · GitHub


Thank you @tatiang, I’ll have eyes on this in the morning and escalate to the team ASAP. I think I’ve seen this too. I just need to put together a simple demo project which won’t take long.

I’m based in EST so I’ll be attacking this again first thing tomorrow!


Hey all! This issue has been resolved! Please check your apps!


Yes, @jared
I tested it in Drag and Drop UI and seems working.

For the Snap to Place UI, it was in fault for like a day and then it worked again.

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