How to get a clicked Data Viewer List Items title?

Am I getting the title of a clicked item in a Data viewer correctly?

Here’s what I’m doing:
I’m trying to get the clicked items title and setting it to the text of a label “lable2”.

Code Snippet:

Should this do the trick? Or is there something wrong with the way I’ve set it up? Right now it doesn’t work, it just sets the label to nothing. I’m not sure why.

Edit: A simple yes it should work or no it shouldn’t work would do!

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Yes and No.
The first block is direct and should work OK.

The second block, you are using a block from Any component instead of directly assigning the text to Label2. Try
From Label2 set Text to app variable currentText instead of From Label Label2

Thanks! I’ll try that!

@muneer It still doesn’t work? I’ve been trying to update thunkable to see if that will fix this problem, I cleared my cache but the problem still wasn’t fixed … I’ll try to remake the web viewer.

Is there a reason you’re not just using the standard list viewer block? It has a green “item” block that contains the text of the item that was clicked.

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I tried a quick sample app and it worked. Share your project or create a project simulating this issue and share it for community members to look into it.