[Solved]Data Viewer List Issue

Hi Thunkers !

Today, i tried to import my data in Data Viewer List, and configure Title Label to look a specific field in my Airtable, but he must answer with conditions. But not works …
Everyone who an idea ?


I am not sure what you are trying to do. I can find more than one issue about this block.

  • When you refer to Title in the list viewer, you need to supply the row id instead of the text in the pink block.

  • In the for each item loop, you use need to supply the id of the loop when trying to use the get block to obtain any information from the table.

You are now supplying username variable and date variable instead of the row id which will not bring you any results.

Thank you for your response. I made a mistake in the logic of the application, it’s my fault. But I still have a little trouble understanding the searches in the BDD. I must more practice ahah

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