How to get value from data list viewer from spreadsheet

so i have a label and a data viewer list that connected to a spreadsheet, the problem is when i click on the data viewer list, i want the label’s text to change to the selected item text value from the data viewer list items that came from spreadsheet column, what set of blocks i should construct, thank you.

Hi @samyt3475q, you want to think about grabbing the data not from the data viewer but from the data source. The item click event in the data list viewer blocks will allow you to click on a row and then you can use that row ID to get the value from the data source itself.
Screenshot 2023-10-20 at 1.10.51 PM
Let me know if this works!


Still not working, but i have tried to stored my collumn value in a varible and it does’t work either

i have made this so far, so when i click the item, the label text disappear, probably it successfully change, but it doesn’t return any text form the variable i made, how can it be?

Why did you not try exactly what @matt_conroy suggested?

The “for row id” value must be a valid row id or an integer. It can’t be anything else. So you can use the green row id block there as @matt_conroy showed above.

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o yeah, thank you very much sir

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