Populating a list with locations. Help me please

I need to populate a list viewer with all of the location names in this airtable could you help me with this I have tried everything.

Hey @mspilski07svs5qe

Other user had some troubles with this, I replied in their post and added images with some block. Maybe it can help you!

Also check the documentation it’s great! :slight_smile:

That post doesn’t really help because I need to pull all data from the location name column and put it into table view and you are saving so… I’m hoping someone can help because I spent 4 hours trying diff things and couldn’t figure it out.

Ok ok,

The documentation for spreadsheets and airtable has this block already assembled:

Have you tried this? For your case it should be something like this depending on which column you want to get.

If you want to get rows instead then use the row block:
(Haven’t tried it yet but it should work with something like this)

And relax :slight_smile: it will eventually work out!

This is the documentation by the way