Airtable Blocks

Hi Guys

I’m in a bit of a desperate situation app wise due to Cloudstitch going down but hope someone can help to get me on the right track.

All I need is an example of the blocks required to display the information of 3 columns in an Airtable spread sheet in the form of 3 labels on a screen. Imagine for instance row 1 of column A is AAAA, column B is BBBB and C is CCCC.

If anyone can help it would be much appreciated.

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Legend thank you I will give this a go

Many thanks

Gave it a go. Strangely it seems to display the columns back to front i.e. AAA is CCC and CCC is AAA. Also this only displays row 1 from my spreadsheet and i have about 450 rows of information to display. Any ideas? Deffo can see this is the right track though compared to what I’ve been using before

First get all the data from AirTable using getAllRows in the list, and then work locally with the data in this list as you need.

I have gotten so far with this. I am trying to go the JSON route as I did previously with Thunkable Classic and Cloudstitch as i think it displays data better than list view.

I’ve managed to get the column data into the respective labels as required but it is comma separated so bunches up (please see attached). Is there a way to remove the commas and display the data vertically as it is on a spreadsheet?

Any help appreciated

Many thanks


I did not tell you to use the List Viewer. I suggested you use List. List Viewer and List are different things. If you want to avoid many problems, it’s better to load all the data from AirTable to the list first, then to work locally with the list. The more requests you create for AirTable, the more problems will be in the work.

I am not using list viewer. On classic I used initialize global - create list to create lists to work with. I can’t see how to do that in thunkable x

To get a list of objects, use this block


The global variable _list is used to be able to access the received list of objects outside of the GetAllRows block.

Excellent thanks very much actech