Unable to get All rows data from air table

Hi ,

I’m trying to get all rows data but unable to get on app and I have approx 15 column in my table and now approx 30 Row is there so here is my block.

But I can able to view my air table column data from below block

Where am doing mistake in get all rows can anyone help ?


Is it possible your listviewer just isn’t scrolling so that you can see the rest of the items?

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@catsarisky thanks for revert.

I’m getting error while clicking on get button …“Something wrong with your block”
And it’s auto closing the app .

Oh, I see it. Thanks for clarifying. You can set a list viewer’s text items to a list, like in the second example. But in the first example, you’re setting it to an object (rows), not a list.

@catsarisky thanks for support.

I will update my block an revert.

You could throw the all rows block into a loop and use the get object property block inserting that property into a list and then use that list in the list viewer but that’s not the most efficient way to do that. If you just want a single column of data than you should use the get column block

What you were doing is the way to call data when you want to present complex data in cards, for example, but that’s not what the simple listviewer is made for.

I have done that to get data from airtable to construct charts but have moved away from airtable completely.

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Hi @catsarisky that solution is not worked out .
and @jared if am using get property block in that property name and Object what should be ?
if you can share example block pls share .

thanks for your support.

Hi @jared

i have used get property block and its resolved .

Thanks @jared and @catsarisky for support :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello .
Sorry for bothering you.
Can you explain how I can show the index number for an item in the table in the first column and then show the rest of the rows of other columns.
I want to see the blocks


another problem. I have a different problem. When I subscribe, the rest of the attachments will appear because the attachments are very few

@ali744046s In list viwer you will get data in list formats not like spreadsheet you have to segregate the columan data by special character.
Rowwise data can be show in list viewer .

Hi @jared

Can we get data like table format with index and column name ?

If anyone have idea on that pls help.

Vikkun, you certainly can format your data that way. I’d encourage you to look at the Data Viewer List with a custom layout making the columns, not Listviewer.

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@catsarisky thanks for the Idea,

I have tried but not succeed .

If you don’t mind can you share few sample blocks .


Sure. Here ya go.


It uses local DB instead of Airtable because API keys wouldn’t copy correctly, but you can totally switch it to airtable - just click the DVL and choose a different data source.

The second screen, that I used to create the custom dataviewer, is included in the project, so that you can see what it looked like before I made it a custom dataviewer.


Hi @catsarisky Thanks for the sharing project page.

I have created and its working with air table also now am getting data in single row and i can scroll that row also .

But i have a multiple column approx 16 so it now showing congested look like only one line there is no separation between columns.
can we create table view for that ?

And still in this also we are not getting column name .

Now output like this

It’s look like brick wall :joy:

If anything please help.

Thanks a lot.

That’s NOT how it should look, clearly. I’m surprised. If I get a chance later today I’ll try adding some more columns to see if I get the same jammed up mess.

How do you want to deal with your 16 columns? You could use a data card approach (with some information on a second row). Or maybe you show just a few columns but then when the user clicks they see the full information for that row? I’m having a hard time imagining 16 columns working well on a phone screen.

You can add headers above the DVL. DVL doesn’t have a header row function, but your rows in airtable probably aren’t changing headers, are they?


@catsarisky Thanks for revert
I understand all 16 column will dot display in single screen it should scrollable from left to right.

Actually i am developing a service call logging tool and trying to show all table data to user.

or can we show like you told if i will show only single column data like first column (Customer name) then if i click on that it will show row data so for that i can use same screen which is using for data inserting and there i can put button for Next &Previous.

Thank You for support

Hi Anyone have idea on how can get data from Airtable in table format please share.


Sorry, I thought I had replied to you earlier. Here’s a DVL that produces output in columns:
Thunkable . I’m not sure what that isn’t happening for you above based on your screenshot.

What it does /not/ do is scroll horizontally. That’s tricky, and maybe not 100% cross-platform. You could search the forums for horizontal scrolling - there are several solutions posted. Alternately, you could choose to show a few columns (like in the linked project) and then let the user retrieve the rest by clicking the line they’re interested in, which I think is what you described above.


Hi @catsarisky ,

Thanks for your prompt reply i will try that and update you the result .

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: