Import multiple columns from airtable

I need to import airtable data in table format into a list viewr

but I can only input the data as shown below

and it has to be in order of the columns according to the airtable

it’s possible?

this is my code:

I think you are creating a problem when you assign the green “column” block to the variable list1. The column block is an object but you’re treating it as text by joining it with other text.

What do you want the list viewer display to look like?

I need it to appear as if it were a table

You won’t be able to do that with the List Viewer component. There are no vertical lines and the formatting is going to be really tricky with multiple column values represented in a single list item.

I don’t even think you can do that with a custom data viewer. I think your best option for a table display is to use the older “legacy” interface in Thunkable and the Create/Clone blocks in the Any Component drawer. It’s complicated to use them but it can be done and there are examples of that on the forums.

This is a great suggestion! I’ll only mention that it could be possible to add the vertical lines in a custom data viewer if you add a border to the Labels you use to create the template for the custom data viewer. If you set the Labels to be the same width, whether in pixels or as a percentage of the screen width, you should be able to make a table layout!