Play sound function have limit over 40 voice files?

Hi all,

I try to used play sound function but it can be play only 40 voice files and after that the function is not working.

Can anyone help me to solved this issue?
Thank you.


Hey there @inuthai.k3

I’m not aware of any immediate limits on how many files can be played by the sound component.

Few questions for you:

Is there any chance that you can share a minimal working example of the app as you describe? I don’t actually have 40 different sound files to test.

Does it need to be different sound files or are you only able to play any sound up to 40 times and then you’re no longer able to play any sound?

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May I add another question?

If these 40 sound files are loaded in the project as assets, have you checked the space you have in your Thunkable account?

thank you @jared for help me to solve the issues.

I try to create vocabulary game for kids by random the picture and play sound for each picture that why I need to play difference file more than 40 files name. (if i use text-to- speech function it working fine.)

bytheway I can play sound forever for same file.

best regards,

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