Sounds not playing one after each other

I am working on an app that requires sound files to be played one after each other. First of all, the audio files are not playing in the live Thunkable ios app if the file names have spaces in them. This is not a major problem. The bigger problem is that the audio files are not playing one after each other. Here is a screenshot of an example set of blocks. The audio plays at the same time. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
thunkable screenshot

I’m convinced the the [call Sound1’s Play] block does not in fact wait until the sound file has finished playing. This is a bug and is easily reproducible.

Edit: In fact, it was reported as a bug a month ago: "Then Do" part of Sound component's play function executes immediately not after sound done playing · Issue #1233 · thunkable/thunkable-issues · GitHub

FYI, there is a list of sound-related bugs that might impact what you’re trying to do: Issues · thunkable/thunkable-issues · GitHub

On a side note, I’m really concerned that there is no transparency by Thunkable staff in terms of which issues are being worked on, which have been seen/read, and which have priority. If you look at the first few pages of that Github, nothing is tagged. By comparison, the 5th page (currently) shows many tagged and updated issues but that was a year ago: Issues · thunkable/thunkable-issues · GitHub.


Hi @appbuilder1

I am assuming you are developing this app on Mac/PC which is emulating ios. Quick question, where have you placed text_file.mp3. In other words does Thunkable have a default folder where one can place files that will be automatically picked up by blocks?.

Yes Tatiang is right, the sound modules run in parallel. But not always depending on the sound module combination it can differently. The only way out is patience and experimentation. Foe example, in this blocks:

The number plunked in for the “timed recording number of seconds” means differently. In the right block (0) it means start point. It will start recording after that time elapse. In the left block (5) it means the recording length!! :).

In addition to that the sound modules are not all that sound and the documentation is very minimalistic. I have filed many bugs so far have not heard back


I experienced the same problem few months ago but i found a walkaround that hope can help you.

I had 10 sounds (let’s call them from “1” to “10”) to be chosen as first and other 10 (let’s say from “A” to “L”)to be chosen as second. The app had to play as sound the number 1 first and then the number 2.

Here’s how i solved it:

I used a free online tool to merge all the audios together and store them in a cloudinary folder, for example: 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D, 1E, ecc…
I know it’s a very long procedure, but i guess it’s the only option you have.

So when you were chosing a sound to be played as first, he identified with a variable the first sound, then the second one, then looked into the folder and catch for example the sound “7F”, which was the seventh from the first list (played at first), and the sixth from the second list.

Hope it can help you too.