Available Sound MB for IOS

Hi there- looking for some help. I’ve been trying to reach out via the help tool in the builder but no one is “seeing” my posts and I have no replies.
I understand that “Player” is not available in IOS but “Sound” is. I have 7x 3min files I’m trying to put in the app. I am using Sound as its my only option but was told I was at max after file 5. How many MBs are allowed for Sound files?

Also, the sounds are not working on mine or my building partner’s phones (thunkable app) but is working on my husbands… ???
Help Please!

from docs i read limit is 50MB per app. sound not working maybe cause by format compatibility issue, please try another sound file or format.

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To play audio files, you can use the components Sound, WebViewer and an external browser (using the open link). To play local files - Sound or WebViewer.

When using WebViewer, you can see the settings on the advanced tab.

Another option is to encode audio files in base64 format.

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There is also a limit of 200MB of file storage per user across all of their projects, so it’s possible that @Kathleen_White is running up against that.


@Kathleen_White, Sorry for all your troubles with the Sound component. Is your phone, your partner’s phone and your husband’s phones all iPhones? If so, which models do you each have?

Thanks in advance.


Thank you, Mark for your reply!
My husband and I have the exact same phone- an Iphone 7. My partner has an Iphone 8. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the thunkable live app on my phone but the sound is still not working.


Is it the same exact project and sound files on all three phones? Are you sharing your project with them or are they building there own version of the app? Can you share your project with us? That might help us.


Same project & sound files. I used his phone when I needed to work on the app and my phone was dead. This was several weeks ago. I can share the project with you to look over. Is there a way to do this privately? Thanks !

@Kathleen_White, You can click on my icon or name, above, and then select “Message” to send me a private message.


Hello Mark,
I have also same problem…no sound on iPhone but on Andriod same project is working fine.

I think issue is with streaming link - http://protostar.shoutca.st:8381/stream/
Above link is working on Android but on iPhone its not working