Sound component not playing iOS

I am not sure if this issue is just for the thunkable live app (for iOS) or for both downloaded (iOS) and thunkable live app (iOS).
Here is the situation, I added background music to a screen, but this sound is not playing at all (video sounds and text to speech components are working fine). Is anyone else having this issue?

Android and web app are both working fine.

What type of file is the background music? What size is the file? Which blocks are you using to play it?

Are any other sound files playing in the project? Is the problem limited to a single file or to all sounds?

Can you share a link to the project?

Please don’t hijack other people’s topics. It makes me less likely to help you.

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Okay sorry but please help me

So, I think the problem was the file size (1.8 MB), after compressing it to 1.2 MB the issue was gone. The app size limit wasn´t the problem (at least in my opinion), because the app did not have any other files.

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