Pease fix my sign in screen

umm i am not understanding how can I fix my new app, this is the app
I am using this Sign In Neon template
I cross checked with this template for ant errors I have done but nothing is wrong no mistakes, I entered the API key and database URL correctly, and also added this sign in component in firebase but no hope, pls go through my app and check it a bit.

Thank you,

It’s a lot to ask someone to just look through your app and figure out what’s not working and then figure out how to fix it.

You need to at least explain what happens when you preview the project and also what you would expect to happen if it was working.


Correct me if I am wrong but I feel like this more fits the discuss category instead of made with Thunkable category.
Because made with Thunkable is for sharing finished or projects your Working on.
Not for sharing your project and asking someone to help you.
So I changed it to the discuss category.

Anyways could you share What is wrong, where it happens and Any error you get?


Only sharing your app is not ehough, because when we copy it we still dont have firebase API key used in signingin procedure… so we cant find the bug this way. Instead we are supposed to look thru your entire blocks to see if used right…
Better just tell us whats wrong :thinking:to focus on those particular blocks


OK @tatiang OK @mimostel OK @lukehoogenboom0i

Here the problem is when i enter my email, password, and username and press finally create account :

  1. verification message is not sent.
  2. msg “sent a verification mail” not visible.
  3. password is less than 6 digits label not visible.
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Can you show the blocks?

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yes : Thunkable

wait i am developing now
just wait

Your questions are related to your firebase Authentication settings and the way you handle errors in your blocks.

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@muneer wait dont still see my app

ohh ok

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

@lukehoogenboom0i now just check my app @muneer was saying that it was authentication issue and i also have a doubt that there are two sign in’s in the screen just see, refer the same link

I am Bussy right now so it may take a while.

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yes ok, no problem
at the point of time i will develop my app.

This is a setting in Firebase

This is something you do in your app.

This will be passed to the app by Firebase in the error block.

This is what I mean.


ok i need to go deep into blocks

@muneer I copied Sign in Neon template and changed 0 code but, mine is not working and this template was working, an just go through this template

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Please read my comments.

You have a problem in the Firebase side. Make sure you enabled the Authentication module in Firebase and select the setting you require. Then you can see the effects in your app.

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@abhiram10 this is a firebase side issue.
Please Read @muneer comment.